Aiswarya Fucking Videos

Aiswarya Fucking Videos

Friday, December 3, 2010

yana guptha without dress bra


Yana Gupta
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without panties or Yana Gupta without underwear hit the Internet, many
people think that this is just another rumor,But this time, it’s for
real.The girl herself came in an open and confirmed boldly that she did
not wear panties.


laughed off the fashion blunder, and not embarrassed. She said that she
will now be known as the “no-panties girl and that she should feature
in her underwear brand commercial.
Explaining why she did not wear
underwear, Jana said that she decided to do away with the panties, as
he kept getting stuck in her ass while practicing a dance for a
television show. So, she packed her things in themselves in the morning
so she could go to charity straight from the dancefloor as she did not
have time to go home. However, she forgot to pack her panties. She
added that she tried to find shelter for her private parts, pulling her
short black dress, but photographers are able to take her photo.

The actress said she had no clue that she was photographed without
her underwear. But she is not one to cry over the wardrobe malfunction.
Instead, she said that she was a funny day in her life and warned the
guys not to look at photos of her pantyless less than they would have a
heart attack.
Model and now actress was photographed without
panties on the international children’s charity event, held recently.
She tried to avoid a photo, but can not cover her short black dress.


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